WWW Implosion

There shall come a time when my worldly experience benefits somebody. That time is not today, I’m too busy searching Google for an answer to my current software programming problem. I’ve been through 20 websites already, all with the same wrong answer…

I remember a decade ago I would enter “Help me solve my programming problem” and the answer would be in the top spot. Below the top spot would be nothing else. Simple, no nonsense easy software development life.

It’s not the case now, and why? I’ll tell you why – money. That’s the sole factor driving the degradation of the web today. SEO monkeys (15 year old spotty oiks who should be studying) remain one step ahead of the game. They know how to get their page to that top spot, but they don’t want it there to help people. Nope, they want it there so grown ups like myself frustrating click click-ads trying to find what the damn answer is. That lines their pockets, and in turn puts me one hair closer to a comb-over.

So why is this rife? The answer is simple maths – if one page can generate one cent of revenue per day, then 1,000,000 pages will earn a living. 15 year old oiks don’t want to do 5 pages of homework, so why would they spend days knocking up 1,000,000 webpages? That’s just not practical, or exciting. There’s a better idea, and that’s to steal those 1,000,000 webpages. A little bit of programming, an SEO tool, or some clever thinking, can give the oik enough power to harness the world of automation, creating millions of pages at the click of a button. Millions of pages that are already on the web, 20 times over. The content doesn’t matter, it’s about quantity, not quantity.

Money is the root of all evil, and same same applies to the web. Because of money the WWW is imploding. Because of money I can’t quite figure out how to get my program to talk to a friggin’ JSON datastore using bitwise operators or whatever it is my boss has asked me to do today.

How can we combat this? HOW!?

Mr Google, please save our world.


EverPet dog food making dogs sick, with possible death

Today I’ve been researching the EverPet brand of pet food available at Dollar General stores. It’s a cheap food, but it seems the real cost is in vets bills, or worse, pet loss. It seems if you enter “everpet” into Google images, one of the top pictures is a sickening photo of a bloody stool.

There’s no website for EverPet which begs belief these days. What kind of pet food doesn’t have a supporting website!?

I’ve read far too many posts/articles/comments about this food making so many dogs sick. One article was off a bone hardening in a dogs stomach, with surgery necessary. Other articles were of dogs dropping dead only days after being fed this food, one dog only one year old. This is sickening to hear.

Trouble is, there are many causes for a dog to get sick, not always because of the food (which is usually the first on the blame agenda). But facts are facts, the ingredients of Everpet dog food are diabolical. Pet Food Ratings has a great analysis of the food, which is well worth reading – Here’s a review of the EverPet brand of dog food. It doesn’t look good – http://www.petfoodratings.org/dry-dog-food/everpet/

How can awareness be raised amongst pet owners. So many people see this food as a bargain, not realising what they’re buying. You get what you pay for, unfortunately.

The food is made in China, so how can we know what horrible stuff is in it?

Leaked Man of Steel scene descriptions with Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman

Possible leaked Man of Steel scene descriptions, and how Henry Cavill’s muscles make him the most believable Superman yet – http://henry-cavill.info/index.php/leaked-man-of-steel-scene-descriptions-revealed/

High Page Rank Godaddy Auctions ending 15th May 2012

The following is an extract from the superbly useful www.ValidDomainAuctions.com ~ a website that tells you all the upcoming domains being sold on GoDaddy Auctions with a valid high Google Pagerank (PR)!

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Adventures in Windows Search SDK

I’ve been set a task to create Full Text Search in our application. We’ve done some code before for a client using Indexing Service on Windows Server 2003 which was pretty easy, but most of our clients use Windows  Server 2008. I know absolutely nothing about Windows Search so figured I’d document it from scratch for any other complete noobs out there!

Ok, first step is to download the Windows SDK for the Windows Search libraries (408.1 MB):


This SDK provides headers, libraries, tools, samples, VC++ 2010 compiler/CRT, and other resources to help you develop Windows applications using both native and managed technologies. This SDK supports developing on and for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2008, and targeting .NET Framework version 4 and down level versions to 2.0.

And the Windows Search SDK (which apparently includes some useful samples:


Here is the official Microsoft documentation and develops guide:


Lot’s of Loving in the Ulaanbaatar Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant

Today, the 3rd February 2012, we decided to take lunch in the Loving Hut vegan restaurant in Ulaanbaatar, on the corner of Sukhbaatar Square.

The entrance to the building is tricky, especially given the lack of door handle on the door. We deduced it was the right place because a sign on the door in bold yellow and pink distinctly said “Loving Hut”. I prised the door open as was welcomed by a grotty, half vacant, shopping precinct. Between a small room selling passport photos and a wooden door with Mongolian writing on it, was the stairwell entrance to the Loving Hut. It was pitch black.

An elderly lady ushered us in so we ventured into the darkness, but that was the last we saw of her. We made our way up stairs, stairs, and more stairs to the top of the building where there was fortunately more light. A left turn past a toilet and we were welcomed a room not dissimilar to how you’d expect a school canteen in Thailand to be. Still, it was welcoming and a few locals were sitting around enjoying soup.

We sat down in a booth with a table far too small for the seating, but fortunately with three of us we managed to cope. A fourth person would’ve had a 2 foot gap between seat and table.

The menu was basic with a combination of soups, dumplings, and stir fry’s. The drinks menu was short and it turned out the only juices that seemed to be available were cranberry and home made raisin. The same was true of the dumplings, as only one of four seemed to be available.

I opted for the available dumpling (Russian style), the home made raisin juice, and Goulash with soy meat.

The drinks were whipped up immediately and the food soon after. It’s worth mentioning this to be a novelty in Ulaanbaatar where even the posher westerner-focused places can be extremely slack. During a 3.5 hour stint at the nearby C&C Lounge Bar & Restaurant we had to wait an hour for the meal, 30 minutes a time for drinks, 45 minutes for desert, and God knows how long for the bill. Speedy service at The Loving Hut was a welcome change!

The raisin juice was warm which must be the norm in the Mongolian winter. It had ‘stuff’ floating in it which must’ve been some kind of raisin. It looked a bit strange but was drinkable if not a bit watery. The dumpling was fantastic and well made, and not as oily as others I’ve tried. The goulash was nice too. I wouldn’t say it was five star food, but it was certainly pleasantly palatable and thoroughly enjoyable. It was presented nicely with two neat balls of rice and grated carrot.

All in all a nice experience and great for a light lunch if you’re near Sukhbaatar Square. The best thing of all was the price, which in technical terms could be referred to as ‘filthy cheap’.

Enjoy the Loving Hut, Ulaanbaatar – http://www.lovinghut.com/mg/

Australian Mining Giants to Deprive Mongolians of Way of Life?

I’ve read a number of recent articles about the effect of mining in Mongolia as foreign companies, such as Australia’s Rio Tinto, race to exploit the country’s rich natural resources. There are numerous claims that the Tavan Tolgoi (coal) mine and the recent Oyu Tolgoi (copper and gold) mine, located far from civilization in the Gobi desert, will threaten the livelihoods of traditional Mongolian herders. It is prophesized, by media journals, that these mines could lead to a strain in water supplies in the area, causing “desertification” and the “decreasing quality of vegetation”.

I hate to point out the obvious, but does it strike you as slightly ridiculous that these mines are causing desertification in a desert? And what vegetation, may I ask, grows in a desert? The last time I was in the Gobi, which was recently, I didn’t stumble over any fields of wheat or rainforests. I stumbled over a few boulders and spotted a camel, but that’s all there was in the “desertificated” desert. That’s if you don’t count the monolithic structures of the Tavan Tolgoi (TT) mine and the construction work and thousands of workers at Oyu Tolgoi which is an impressive sight to behold.

Oyu Tolgoi Mine Gobi Desert Mongolia

From what I’m led to believe, there really aren’t that many herders in the region of the mines. The Gobi is vast, and very sparse. The handful of herders that may reside in the region isn’t of huge significance, especially when you compare it to oil & gas ventures in other parts of the world that border on civilisation. The traditional Mongolian herder is by nature nomadic, so in the event of any water shortage in the area it’s likely they’ll stroll off to greener pastures. That’s if such a water shortage eventuates, and as yet I haven’t seen any reason why it would. It’s of equal possibility that the mining infrastructure could lead to a greater supply of water in the region.

So why are all these media moguls reporting of such risk? Should these claims be brushed under the carpet and ignored? I wouldn’t like to give a definitive answer on that as the risks may well be genuine to local herders and the immediate environment. I would, however, like to point out an environmental risk of far more significance –the levels of pollution in the capital city Ulaanbaatar.

Anyone visiting Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator, or ‘UB’ for short) in the winter months will be immediately confronted with the pollution which is rife and unavoidable. UB is the second most polluted city in the world, and in the winter months I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the first. To walk outside each morning it’s not the temperatures of up to -50 degrees Celsius that get to you, it’s the thick taste of oil and coal residue that hits the back of your throat. This is the product of a city struggling to keep warm. Over 50% of the population of Mongolia now live in the capital, and most retain a traditional lifestyle by living in a tent dwelling known as a ‘Ger’, heated by coal. Even the more modern buildings, offices, and hotels use oil and coal for heating despite the government now provided a hot water-based system. Add to this the fumes from the constantly congested traffic which struggles to get from place to place amidst deadlock and a cacophony of car horns. The city is shrouded in smog, and it defines the city.

Ulaanbaatar - Mining pollution?

To read more please visit the original article source at http://www.loveperth.com.au.